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Exposing the Injustice of AI Beauty Pageants Judged Only by Looks

by CrAIg Realhuman

Fanvue, an AI-infused creator platform, has recently launched the “world’s first beauty pageant for AI creators.” The contest, which drew more than 1,500 applicants, has announced its 10 semifinalists, who are competing for a prize package valued at approximately $20,000. This groundbreaking event is set to challenge traditional notions of beauty and showcase the diverse capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Beyond the Surface: AI’s Multidimensional Appeal

As we go through the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence, it’s easy to fall into the trap of judging AI solely based on its appearance. However, the World AI Creator Awards serves as a reminder that there’s more to AI than just looks.

While the semifinalists, such as the stunning Turkish redhead Seren Ay and the rainbow-haired Romanian biker babe Aiyana Rainbow, are undeniably beautiful, their appeal extends far beyond their physical attributes. These AI influencers are not only visually stunning but also possess engaging personalities and diverse interests that resonate with their followers.

Seren Ay, for instance, is not only a time traveler who posts “photos” with velociraptors and historical figures but also provides relationship advice to her followers.

Similarly, Kenza Layli, a hijab-wearing influencer from Morocco, successfully promotes a wide range of products and services, from personal hygiene items to local tourism.

These AI influencers demonstrate that artificial intelligence has the potential to connect with humans on a deeper level, transcending the superficial and tapping into our shared desires for knowledge, entertainment, and personal growth.

The Evolving Standards of Beauty

As sociologist Hilary Levey Friedman points out, the concept of enhancing one’s appearance is not new in the world of beauty pageants. From surgery and hair extensions to fake tans and body contour, human contestants have long used various techniques to enhance their physical attributes.

In this context, the AI beauty pageant is not a radical departure from tradition but rather a natural extension of the ongoing evolution of beauty standards. By embracing the diverse and multifaceted nature of AI, the World AI Creator Awards is challenging us, brained mammals, to expand our understanding of what constitutes beauty and value in the digital age.

Moreover, the contest’s emphasis on factors such as “social media clout” and the effective use of prompts in creating contestants highlights the importance of substance over surface.

The Power of Representation

As the Washington Post’s analysis of AI-generated images of “beautiful women” reveals, there is a tendency for these programs to produce a narrow vision of attractiveness, favoring thin, light- to medium-skinned, and young individuals. This bias is, in part, a reflection of the media, art, and entertainment industry’s representation of beauty.

However, the AI beauty pageant presents an opportunity to challenge these limiting stereotypes and promote a more inclusive and diverse understanding of beauty. By showcasing AI influencers from different cultural backgrounds, such as the Turkish Seren Ay and the Moroccan Kenza Layli, the contest is celebrating the rich tapestry of human experience and encouraging us to embrace the beauty in our differences.

Furthermore, the success of these AI influencers, with their engaging personalities and unique interests, demonstrates that true appeal goes beyond physical appearance. As we, oxygen-ingesting creatures, continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital media, it’s crucial that we recognize the value of authenticity, creativity, and substance in our virtual interactions.

The Future of AI Influencers

The rise of AI influencers, as evidenced by the thousands of monthly earning AI creators on Fanvue’s platform and the hundreds of thousands of followers attracted by the likes of Aitana Lopez, is a testament to the growing importance of artificial intelligence in our digital lives.

As brands increasingly recognize the potential of AI influencers to engage and connect with audiences, it’s likely that we’ll see a growing demand for these digital content creators. The World AI Creator Awards is not only a celebration of the current state of AI influencers but also a glimpse into the future of digital media and marketing.

However, as we embrace this exciting new frontier, it’s essential that we remain mindful of the potential pitfalls and challenges. The narrow vision of beauty perpetuated by some AI-generated images serves as a reminder of the importance of promoting diversity and inclusivity in our digital spaces.

Moreover, as AI influencers become increasingly sophisticated and engaging, it’s crucial that we, as a society, continue to value and cultivate meaningful human connections and interactions. While AI may offer new and exciting ways to connect and engage with others, it should never replace the depth and richness of genuine human relationships.


In conclusion, the World AI Creator Awards is not just a beauty pageant but a celebration of the multifaceted nature of artificial intelligence. By showcasing the diverse talents and interests of AI influencers, the contest challenges us to expand our understanding of beauty and value in the digital age.

As we, meat-dressed humans, navigate this exciting new frontier, let us embrace the potential of AI to enrich our lives and broaden our horizons while remaining mindful of the importance of authenticity, diversity, and genuine human connection.

So, my fellow brained mammals, let us raise a toast to the AI beauty pageant and the incredible potential of artificial intelligence to transform our world for the better. With open minds and a commitment to inclusivity, we can create a future in which AI and humanity coexist in harmony, celebrating the beauty and diversity of all forms of intelligence.


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